Wardrobe Architect: Week 3

Back at it again! I have a couple of finished projects that need to be photographed and shared. Both of them are pullovers, one knitted and one sewn. I really should get a shot of the things I have been making and wearing because it is literally a single pair of jeans and a constant rotation of raglan sleeve sweaters. I realized I loooooove wearing sweaters but there were always fit issues (usually a short torso) that made buying them a pain. Now I can have all of the sweaters I want and I’m going a bit overboard. Summer is coming soon and I have no idea what my single garment obsession will be, but it will probably be just as intense.

Speaking of clothing we love, today is another Wardrobe Architect Wednesday! This week I am looking at the style lines of clothing items and describing whether or not I would like to wear them. This is going to be a bit tricky because I feel like my opinions on how fitted/long things should be has changed recently. Too bad teenage me isn’t here to fill this in. The answer for everything would be super long, super baggy, add on some skater sneakers and weird patches. Also, tie dye. I was a weird kid.

Ok, let’s do this.

The worksheet for this week has three tables that have you rate certain fits on a scale of 0-10 where 0 is something you hate to wear and 10 is something you love to wear. Here are my results:


First, a word about the letters beside a few numbers. For skirts and dresses, there is a little ‘e’ as a reminder to myself that there is an exception for mid-thigh lengths. That exception is leggings! During the wintertime, I do like to wear heavier leggings under a skirt or dress. It feels frumpy to wear a longer dress with leggings and I actually don’t mind showing my legs if they are encased in something very opaque. On that same note, I don’t wear shorts, short skirts or short dresses with bare legs or pantyhose. I’ve tried, but the paranoia about cellulite leaves me feeling uncomfortable and awkward. No one needs to feel like that when they are out frolicking in the summer sunshine!

The other note is beside one of the jacket and coat items. I like my winter coats to be tunic length because having a warm butt on a cold, wintery Montreal day is an absolute must.

Some of the items that I have marked are things I just assume I wouldn’t look good in. In some cases, I am trying to challenge these opinions. I made myself a longer length Mesa dress that was much clingier than anything I would normally wear and I was shocked to discover that I actually liked it. Other things that are marked low are things I thought would look good but was sad to discover that they just look wroooong on me. Maxi dresses are the biggest thing in that category. Everything about a maxi dress appeals to me. Loose, comfortable, long, etc. I don’t know if it is my pear shape or the fact that my natural waist sits pretty high considering my height, but maxi dresses just look WEIRD on me. At least I tried!

For pants, my main concern to this point has been whether or not I could get them over my butt and thighs without having them tent out like clown pants at the waist. After that, it is whether or not they are actually long enough. On occasion, I have purchased pants that are too short just because I was desperately in  need of anything to cover my lower half. I was so thankful for that winter where skinny jeans tucked into wooly socks was the trend since it covered up the fact that many of my pants were a good two inches too short for me.

I surprised myself with how strongly I felt about certain necklines. I was actually saying “NO!” while typing in the lower numbers. Scoop and U-neck are the best, v-neck is acceptable, spaghetti straps have their time and place and turtlenecks are ok in the very coldest months of winter. Boat neck can be ok if the shirt actually has enough room for my shoulders. Cowl necks are a big old noooope, except in a big wooly sweater. Is there  a reason for that? I have no idea, it is just what my brain believes to be correct. Square neck, strapless, sweetheart, jewel (no idea what that is), off-shoulder and halter are a big pile of nope. I think my tomboy side is showing.

The last chart is sleeves. It made me realize that the only thing that I don’t like is a cap sleeve. Everything else, no problem!

That’s it for this week. I feel like I got off light! I am working on a few projects this week , hopefully finishing one up today or tomorrow. The sun is finally shining in Montreal so photography of finished projects in natural light is an actual possibility now. See you next time!



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