Little things…

A quick post before heading out for the day! I’ve been busy being crafty over here, but not making anything too big. It feels nice to finish so many things in such a short span of time, but it is a total trick because all of these things were incredibly quick to make.

First up, baby booties for two little ones born this last week!

It is bizarre to me that I am only a couple of posts in and I’ve already shared three projects for babies. In reality, these are the only things I’ve ever made for kids other than a tiny hat that probably was too small to ever have fit its recipient.

Pardon the terrible photos! I finished these late at night and gave them to the new parents the following day.

The pattern is Saartjes’ Bootees, available as a PDF on the designers’ website or on Ravelry. Easy peasy pattern! I followed the directions for the larger size because both of the babies were larger than the average newborn. Does that mean their feet are much larger? That makes logical sense to me. All I know is that eventually these kids will fit into these booties because I’ve yet to see an adult with feet smaller than this. Now that I’ve inserted that odd image into your head, let’s move on to the other projects!

SCHOOL SUPPLLLIIIIIIIEEEEEESSS! I made myself a notebook cover and matching pencil case.

Pencil CaseNotebook Cover

**NOTE: I just want to announce that it is Roll up the Rim to Win at Tim Horton’s (aka Canadian Christmas) and that the cup pictured above was a winner. Free coffee for me! I’d like to thank my family for always believing in my and my boyfriend for taking me to Tim’s twice in a two hour period.

I picked up a single yard of this fabric last fall while on a trip to Texas. I really should have picked up a bit more but I had already gotten several yards of a couple of other gorgeous fabrics and I was torn between spending too much money and not wanting to miss out on having some of this fun stuff. I struck an excellent balance by still spending too much money and not getting enough of this fabric to actually make an item of clothing.


Making wise life choices for over 30 years!

It’s OK. I have more than enough to make these projects and maybe try to find a way to use this fabric as an accent on some clothing item.

The notebook cover is loosely based on a free Craftsy pattern. I basically saw the pattern, decided I wanted something similar, then totally disregarded all instructions and made it up as I went. I used this tutorial from the Purl Bee for the pencil case and added a little pocket on the interior so I would have a place to put my USB drive when I need it for school/work. Both projects are lined with bits of quilting cotton left over from other projects.

That’s what I’ve been making this week! Nothing like a little bit of instant gratification.



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