Wardrobe Architect Wednesday?

Sweeping declaration time! I’m going to commit to writing a post at least every other Wednesday!

never again.gif

Much like Marshall, the best way to ensure that I never actually do something is for me to promise myself that I WILL REALLY DO IT! This time, it is fo realz. So let’s say I hope I at least try and we will see what’s happening a few months down the road.

The focus of this current declaration is a desire to complete the Wardrobe Architect series from the Colette blog. I’ve read through all the posts before and considered completing it on my own without documenting the process. It never happened even though I enjoyed reading the responses from other people. In all honesty, when I read some of the questions I thought I would just have no way to answer them. Defining my style and my likes/dislikes has always been a challenge for me. Add in my weight gain over the past few years and all of a sudden the styles that I used to enjoy no longer make me feel as confident. I’m definitely in a weird place with my wardrobe and it seems like a good time to try to address that and try to make it into something positive.

I don’t expect this process to miraculously solve my issues with body confidence and clothing, but I hope I can be a bit self-reflective without shying away. Check in next Wednesday as I look at the first week of the process.


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