Tiny shirt victory

Well, shit.

I did make myself some pretty lofty promises several months ago regarding blogging and a real commitment to sharing what I create (with who?). Obviously that goal has gone totally tits up. So here is my new goal: share stuff when you remember, more often is better. Bam! Let’s do this.

So, over the past few months I have been knitting and sewing pretty consistently. I’ve knitted some socks and a hat, sewn some sweaters and shirts and even a tiny button up shirt for a cute little dude. I definitely have some trouble finishing projects if I try them on and realize that they didn’t turn out right. Right now, I have three shirts that I made and am 90% finished with, but have abandoned because I realized they weren’t what I wanted. I’d like to take the time to finish these projects properly so that I can either wear them or give them to someone who might enjoy them.

I finished one project recently that I am pretty proud of. It is McCall’s M6016 button-up shirt.


Look at this cute little bugger

My boyfriend has a lovely little nephew and he and I decided that we should make something for him. He chose this pattern and I thought it was a great opportunity to make something adorable, plus get the chance to try making a collar and button holes. It is smaller, so it will be easier, right?

eye roll.gif

Why do I bother sewing and making a butt-load of mistakes if I stubbornly refuse to learn a things from them? Logic and past experiences should have told me that sewing small stuff and maneuvering around small corners is a challenge. Live and learn (or not).

A combination of sewing machine malfunction and my general sewing ignorance meant this project was way more of a challenge than it should have been. We bought three different fabrics to make shirts and I cut and totally destroyed the first shirt pieces by straight up stabbing massive holes in the fabric when attempting to use my dull seam ripper. Attempt number two was slightly better. Many, many mishaps but I did produce a finished shirt.



I’m pretty proud of it! I used this tutorial to make the collar after seeing it referenced in so many of my favourite sewing blogs. I can’t really compare with the method used in the pattern instructions because this is my first time creating a shirt collar. This was the part of this project that I was most nervous to try and it turned out to be the easiest part! I modified the pattern a bit: improvising with rolled-up sleeves to cover a mistake, skipping the button on the collar, and using bias tape for the hem.

Lessons learned:

  • Be patient and take your time. Trying to undo mistakes with the energy and rage of She-Hulk will only result in ripped fabric and the use of many interesting swear words.
  • Things labelled “Easy” are probably easy for people that have a reasonable level of sewing skill. At the moment, you are acquiring those skills. You will improve if you let yourself make mistakes.
  • A pricier seam ripper is worth the cash.

That’s all for now, time to get back to crafting!


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