Let’s get going!

Hi! I’m Mags!

I created this blog several months ago in a fit of excitement about the prospect of learning to sew. I had several months between the end of term from graduate school and the start of the fall semester and I was filled with plans to create a handmade wardrobe. As is my custom, I procrastinated until mid-August to begin sewing and I left my projects completely undocumented. Oops.

Why do I want to learn to sew, anyway? I am not sure where the idea came from but I suspect it was from a coworker that I used to knit with during lunch. She was an avid knitter, like me, but she was also an experienced seamstress. She showed me pictures of dresses she was creating I was so impressed with her ability to create her own clothing. I wished I could do that for myself; I would have loved to avoid the dreaded trips to the dressing room.

This was several years ago, what the heck took me so long to start sewing? I began to research sewing patterns and quickly realized that I would need to make all kinds of alterations to patterns in order for them to fit me. This was pretty intimidating for someone who found it challenging to trace patterns and sew straight lines. I am not always the most patient person and the thought of all of the time and work required to get something that may not fit was a massive barrier to getting started. Even as a knitter, I generally avoided garments that would require proper fit. I would make a complicated lace shawl before attempting a simple pullover sweater.

Now, I want to actually learn to sew. I have accepted that my body type will require learning different ways to alter a pattern. I am tall and plus-sized with proportions that I never seem to see in other people. Off the rack clothing rarely fits and for the past few years I have had to wear what I could find to fit me. It is worth it to painstakingly trace and modify patterns, to knit swatches and calculate how my gauge will influence the finished product. I am worth it, dangit! Let’s get going.


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